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Your crypto broker for OTC commerce.

Skip the exchange and make direct cryptocurrency purchases within our secure, trusted network.

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Crypto, not cryptic.

Cryptocurrency is an attractive investment, gaining in popularity every day. But how do you know where to start? Which exchange is the most reliable? Which currency? There are a lot of questions surrounding crypto investment and even more red tape. At Paycase, we believe buying and selling crypto in large volume should be easy.

We offer the following features:

Transparent Fees

Transparent Low Fees

24hrs Transations

24 Hour Transactions

Verified + Compliant

Verified + Compliant

No Transaction Limits

No Transaction Limits

Fast Cash

Fast Cash + Coin.

We make buying and selling crypto easy. As a principal OTC desk, our platform uses a wide network of trusted associates, giving us access to deep liquidity pools.

That means you can buy or sell any amount of crypto within 24 hours and have access to your funds right away.

  • No need to buy from an exchange.
  • No transaction limits.
  • No price slippage.

Our transactions have your crypto or cash going directly into your wallet, the way it should be.

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No Limitations

Don’t let limitations limit your investment.

Digital currency exchanges are rife with headaches like low purchase limits, non-compliance and unregulated exchange platforms that struggle to deal with demand, have poor liquidity, high fees and see customers taking on more risk than they should.

Paycase Markets lets you avoid all of that. We are your one stop shop for crypto transactions, giving you all the benefits of crypto investing without the limitations.

How it Works
  • How It Works.

    Our platform is straightforward. We facilitate transactions for buyers or sellers, absorbing the risk and alleviating confusion.

    With a proven track record in the crypto industry, we have the resources and foundations in place to make large scale purchases with trusted sellers, guaranteed.

  • Step 1.

    Get started by completing our intake form – see what we require here:

    Link for Individual
    Link for Entity

  • Step 2.

    Undergo our KYC on-boarding procedure. Paycase Markets will review your application. We may have different requirements whether you are an individual or a corporation. We may require additional info, depending on your application.

  • Step 3.

    If buying, ensure your crypto wallet is set up. If selling, please ensure that your wallet is readily available. For both buyers and sellers we require proof that you own the particular address before transacting.

  • Step 4.

    Once your account is approved, you will be invited to place an order with us. We’ll give you an all-inclusive quote that reflects our fee.

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Industry Credibility.

Paycase Markets is part of the data service offerings from Paycase Financial, an industry leader in decentralized financial services.

Paycase Financial is a proud partner of TMX. Their latest undertaking sees Paycase Financial working directly with Shorcan Digital Currency Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX, to launch a new cryptocurrency brokerage service focused on Bitcoin and Ether. Together with TMX, Paycase Financial is pioneering a new future in both traditional and digital finance.

Industry Credibility

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