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The definitive guide to trading crypto with an OTC desk

Download our guide and learn:

  • OTC trading benefits
  • How to get started with an OTC broker
  • How to avoid the scams

What is OTC?

Over-the-Counter (OTC), as it relates to cryptocurrency, is a service provided by trading firms that allow individuals or institutions to buy or sell large amounts of crypto.

How is this different from a traditional cryptocurrency exchange? In short, it’s very difficult to trade large amounts of cryptocurrency with a normal exchange. That’s mostly due to slippage, and other hidden costs. OTC desks use extensive networks of liquidity providers to fulfill purchase and sale orders. In fact, according to the TABB Group, OTC volume has historically exceeded traditional exchange volume by 2-3x.

What's Inside the Guide?

1) Learn the five benefits of trading crypto with an OTC broker:

Paycase Markets - Service

1 - Service

Paycase Markets - Size

2 - Size

Paycase Markets - Slippage

3 - Slippage

Paycase Markets - Security

4 - Security

Paycase Markets - Speed

5 - Speed

2) How to buy BTC with a broker of an OTC desk in 10 steps.

For example:

  • Setup a Secure Wallet.
  • Learn Quotes, Spot price and Indices.
  • How to On-Board and Why.
  • Avoid delays.
  • Recommended Communication Tools.

3) How to avoid the scams.

In this section of the guide you will learn from our brokers on how to spot the red flags.

We list 12 tips in the guide; some things to avoid include:

  • Bank Instruments.
  • F2F and Escrows.
  • Fake Satoshi Test Transactions.
  • Juristictions, Good vs Bad.

And much more...

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